Smoke Evacuation

PlumeSafe® Turbo

PlumeSafe® Turbo is a lightweight surgical smoke evacuator with a powerful filtration system. Its turbo suction system quickly – and quietly – removes smoke from the surgical site. The flow is easy to adjust using suction settings, an interactive LCD display allows you to monitor its performance and it tracks the condition of the filter so that you can anticipate when it will need replacing.  Neat and portable, the device can easily be placed on a counter, shelf or floor near to the operating area.

Features & Benefits

  • Turbo Mode
  • Significantly increases the airflow to quickly remove smoke from the surgical site
  • Interactive LCD Display
  • Puts information at your fingertips, multiple languages included
  • Adjustable Flow Control
  • Suction setting can easily be adjusted in 10% increments
  • Filter Tracking Technology 
  • Automatically tracks and records filter life through a patented technology
  • Quiet Operation
  • Addresses noise concerns

Technical Information

  • Noise Levels (Nominal Values) @ maximum power < 58 dBA
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 34.0 cm x 20 cm x 43 cm
  • Flow Rates 68 cfm (1923 lpm) using 32 mm tubing, 44 cfm (1257 lpm) using 22 mm tubing
  • Weight With filter installed: 7.0 kg Without filter installed: 6.0 kg
  • Warranty Three (3) Year Full Warranty
  • A range of ViroSafe filters, and tubing are available for the Pluemsafe Turbo unit

S.A.F.E.™ System filters

The S.A.F.E.™ System surgical smoke evacuator from Edge Systems. Although the system itself is longer available to purchase, the filters and tubes are still available from Excel Lasers.