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Diode lasers are an essential part of any surgeon’s toolkit. They can be used for a wide range of specialisms, and are particularly well-established in ENT, coloproctology, gynaecology and for the treatment of varicose veins. For all these procedures our lasers offer high precision, few complications, minimal bleeding and improved patient recovery.

As well as ensuring excellent outcomes for patients, diode lasers are more cost-effective than other laser systems, are cheaper to maintain and deliver excellent value over their lifetimes.  We also supply all the accessories surgical teams will need and we maintain the performance of the lasers through regular servicing.

Choosing the right package

Diode lasers come in a range of wavelengths and can be customised for different procedures by choosing the right accessories. When used with flat-tip fibres, for example, diode lasers are the surgeon’s first choice for coagulating or vaporising tissue in non-contact surgery, and incising and excising with haemostasis in contact mode. Switching to conical tip fibres gives very high levels of precision when incision/excision with haemostasis is required. 

Similarly, our reusable/autoclavable handpieces are designed to aid access to the treatment site and provide precise control of the fibre tip. Each handpiece is designed for optimal results in different applications.

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Treating varicose veins

Diode lasers are particularly effective for the treatment of varicose veins. We supply everything you need: lasers to suit all budgets plus convenient procedure kits.





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