OEM Laser servicing

Gigaa Laser

Excel Lasers have a long background in both the design and manufacture of surgical diode lasers. This means we are well qualified when it comes to providing technical service support for third party laser manufactured products in the UK.

We have both the facility to support and have direct access to original replacement parts from a number of well known laser manufacturers across Europe and the Far East.

If you own an old machine, and you’re conscious of the cost and inconvenience of replacing it, talk to us before you do as there is a good chance that we’ll be able to repair it for you. Doing this not only increases the return on your initial investment, saves on further capital outlay and training costs as well as being kind to the environment.

If not then as an independent distributor we are able to offer a range of affordable new and warranted second user lasers.

Laser Marks we can support:
Diomed, AngioDynamics, Gigga, Dornier, Lasotronix, Varilase, Intermedics

Gigaa Lasers


Intermedic Lasers

Multidiode range:
ENDO, Surgical, 630 PDT, OFT 4G, PL 3D, SST 200, S30, LIPODEFINE

Lasotronix Lasers

SMARTM range:
808nm, 10W; – 908nm, 15W; 1064 nm – 15W; 1470 nm – 15W

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