EVLA accessories

Accessories for For Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)

Radial Fiber

Increase the efficiency of endovenous laser treatments with the radial fiber: simple and effective procedures with few post-operative complaints such as pain and ecchymosis.

The radial fiber radiates the laser light all around, so that the path to the vessel wall is minimal. As a result, there is a shorter but greater heating of the vessel wall (compared to the Tulip-Tip fiber).

With the micro-introducer set, the radial fiber is introduced into the vessel. The Tobrix radial fibers are marked.

In addition to endovenous laser treatments for varices, these fibers are also suitable for the treatment of perianal fistulas.

The 400R is thin and flexible and therefore suitable for the more tortuous barrels.

Bar tip fibre

Tobrix supplies two different sets for endovenous laser ablation, namely the ‘classic’ set and the ‘1, 2, 3’ set. Both sets are suitable for various brands of lasers.

The advantages of these sets:
– universally applicable to different lasers
– you can choose from flexible/thin or stiff/thick catheters
– you can work safely due to markings and Tuohy-Borstlock on the fiber
– the most economical solution
– the parts are also separate available

Tumescent Local Anaesthesia

The administration of tumescent anaesthesia before ablation and continuously during the EVLA procedure is a proven method of reducing a patient’s pain and discomfort. This can be done either using a Nouvag DP30 infiltration pump, controlled by the physician, or with a hand-operated self-filling syringe system.

Nouvag DP30 Infiltration Pump
A Nouvag DP30 infiltration pump gives the physician total control of the output through a foot pedal.  For high volume users, this is an economical, low-maintenance option. 

Supplied with bottle holder, foot pedal and tubing.

Spare tubing kits are also available in packs of 10.

EVLA Auto-fill Syringe
This easy-to-use system delivers tumescent anaesthetic without the need to manually reload the syringe. The kit includes self-loading syringe with IV feed, spike and three-way check valve
Packaged in sets of 10 units.

EVLA Theatre Pack

As well as the procedure kit, there are a number of miscellaneous consumables used during an EVLA procedure. We call this the ‘Theatre Pack’ and requirements vary from site to site. Excel Lasers can offer either a standard pack or have one made to your exact specification.

  • All-inclusive set of consumables for an EVLA procedure
  • Single lot number traceability
  • Saves the time and expense of sourcing individual items
  • Reduces waste and preparation time significantly

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