Nouvag Infiltration Pump Dispenser DP 30

Nouvag Infiltration Pump

Experience the all new Nouvag Infiltration Pump Dispenser DP 30 with its high performance pump system. Preset the pump performance and work hands free by using the foot pedal.

The Dispenser DP 30 is a universally usable and controllable infiltration pump which is highly suitable for deployment in tumescent applications and in vein treatments. The percentage infiltration amount is controlled using the rotary potentiometer and the foot pedal.

Arguments speaking for themself:
• Best price/performance ratio
• Universal and flexible applicable
• Easy handling with low maintenance effort
• Time saving compared to time consuming injection of the infiltration quality
• Continuously variable and precise adjustable infiltration performance
• The adipolysis process is decisively improved; subsequent fat suction is significantly easier
• Reliable, approved and stable technology


Ergonomic housing
Lightest and smallest housing of its class. Simple to clean surfaces.

On/Off Control lamp
A green LED indicates if the device is switched on.

Integrated container
Standard infiltration solution bottle are conveniently suspended on a plug-in mount.

Easy set up of the tube
Wide opening compartment for easy set up of the tube.

Low noise pump drive
The infiltration tube is easy to integrate and the interior pump works at a low noise level.

Front access to the pump
Access to the pump with just one hand is at the press of a button next to the display, hence no inadvertent movement of the device.

Accurate pump performance
Reproducible infiltration performance due to scaled regulator.



Dispenser DP 30 with ON/OFF-foot switch, Art.-No. 4186
• Infiltration Tube Set, 4 m, sterile, Art. No. 6022
• Bottle holder (without bottle), Art. No. 1770
• ON/OFF foot switch, Art. No. 1513

Dispenser DP 30 with Vario foot switch, Art.-No. 4187 Included:
• Infiltration Tube Set, 4 m, sterile, Art. No. 6022
• Bottle holder (without bottle), Art. No. 1770
• Vario foot switch, Art. No. 1501

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