Treating equine sarcoids

It is estimated that more than a third of equids suffer from sarcoids at some time in their lives.

These can be difficult to treat and frequently recur. This causes concern for the owner and stress and discomfort for the animal. Conventional treatments can be time-consuming, costly and are not always effective. 

The laser solution

A diode laser with a typical 3 metre flexible optical fibre and matching handpiece is an ideal solution for treating many types of sarcoid. This combination offers a cost-effective result that is beneficial to the horse, owner, and veterinarian alike. Studies show that the laser method has one of the lowest recurrence rates of any treatment currently available.

The photos below are from a case study that was performed at Stowe Veterinary Group in Suffolk, using our equipment. As you can see, the wound is left open and is healing well after only two weeks.

All of our diode lasers can be used to treat sarcoids when combined with a 1000 micron fibre, accompanying handpiece, fibre stripper and cleaver.

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