Plasma Surgery

Airplasma arc showing the generated plasma field
Incisions made with Airplasma showing precise cutting and no visible tissue Denaturation

Case study
Julian Hoad from Crossways Veterinary Group has been using Onemytis for 4 years.

Typical uses
Recommended veterinary uses for the Airplasma device Onemytis.

The Onemytis® 2 is now available in the UK

Read about ‘revolutionary’ Onemytis® in the Vet Times

I don’t think I’m overstating it to say this is the future of soft tissue veterinary surgery. It’s brilliant.”

Julian Hoad, Crossways Veterinary Group, West Sussex

The future of surgery

Onemytis® 2 is a new type of electrosurgical instrument which is changing the face of soft tissue surgery. First launched in Italy in 2014, Onemytis® is widely used in Europe particularly for ENT, ophthalmology, dermatology and for most of the oncological surgeries. By using Airplasma® technology, the device is able to perform a wide range of surgical procedures with exceptionally high levels of precision at low temperatures.

The latest model, the Onemytis® 2, is now available in the UK. Even faster and more compact than the original it has specialist accessories for endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery and it can be easily upgraded as new software and accessories become available. 

Vets across Europe are increasingly turning to Onemytis® for soft tissue surgery. 

Here’s why

  • It is precise: its cutting edge is 0.1 mm.
  • It causes little or no bleeding: small blood vessels are instantly coagulated and it can be used to seal larger blood vessels. 
  • Tissue damage is minimal.
  • Less patient preparation is required.
  • There is often little or no need for sedation or anaesthesia.
  • Patients have less pain and make a more rapid recovery.
  • Plus it’s compact, portable and hugely versatile.

As well as being an effective tool for surgery, there is a growing body of evidence to show that Cold Atmospheric Plasma also:

  • Causes direct or indirect apoptosis of cancer cells
  • Stimulates the production of FGF 2 resulting in better and faster tissue healing
  • Increases the activity of some components of immune system cells.

How does it work?

Onemytis® 2 uses a new technology called Airplasma® which works by gas (in this case, air) ionization. Air is passed through a strong electromagnetic field at high voltage, releasing energy (plasma) which can vaporise tissue at low temperatures.  It operates at a maximum temperature of 50° C as opposed to temperatures of more than 118° C reached in conventional electrosurgery.

The cutting edge of the electrode is extremely fine and does not touch the patient. Plasma is formed when it is between 1 and 2 mm away from the patient, depending on the power setting. This means the surgeon does not apply any pressure when creating an incision, furthering increasing the precision with which the device is used. 

There is no need for an external gas source or a return plate because there is no build-up of electric current or heat within the patient’s body. The electrical current emitted by Onemytis® 2 is less than 2mA. 

See it in action

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