Veterinary accessories

Veterinary fibres

We supply a wide range of optical fibres in different styles, lengths and diameters to suit a wide range of procedures.

Bare-tipped fibres
There are three core sizes: 400μm, 600μm and 1000μm, with the 1000μm ideal for removing sarcoids and other large masses. These fibres can often be re-used if they are cut back using our fibre care tools.

Conical-tipped fibres
These have a 600μm core size and can be used where you need to make a very precise incision with minimal heating of the surrounding tissue. All our fibres are tipped with a standard SMA connector which makes them compatible with most lasers on the market today.

Our fibres come in different lengths from 2.7m – suitable for most general surgical applications – to 5m for endoscopic procedures.

Laser safety eyewear

Getting the right safety eyewear is critical when using lasers. All our eyewear is tested and certified to EN 207 and comes in a wide range of filters and frame styles.


We offer a selection of handpieces that give you additional precision for delicate procedures and extra flexibility to get at hard-to-reach areas.

Handpiece for 400μm fibres

Handpiece for 600μm fibres

Handpiece for 1000μm fibres

Handpiece with extended malleable tip for 600μm fibres

Affordable laser therapy

The Excel Lasers Therapy Handpiece is a simple, ergonomic device for veterinary use that can be combined with any suitable diode laser to form a high-performance and cost-effective system for High Energy Laser Therapy (HELT).

Our handpiece has been designed for ease of use, comfort and reliability. The key requirements are that the laser has a standard SMA905 output port, wavelength of 810nm or 980 nm and maximum power output of at least 10 W.

Fibre care package

By taking good care of your optical fibres you can significantly prolong their lives, prevent problems from arising and maintain your laser’s high performance. Our fibre care package contains a set of easy-to-use tools designed to help you with essential maintenance tasks.

Fibre SMA cleaning cassette
This cassette should be used to clean the SMA tip before attaching it to the laser. This both ensures optimal energy transmission and reduces the risk of damage caused by a burnt fibre tip.

Fibre cleaving tool
This tool allows you to cut your optical fibres cleanly. Do not be tempted to use scissors which crush the fibre, shattering or chipping the tip.

Fibre stripping tool
A neat tool for removing the protective sheath without damaging the optical cladding or the fibre itself. It comes in three sizes: 400μm, 600μm and 1000μm.

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