Onemytis® 2

Case study
Julian Hoad from Crossways Veterinary Group has been using Onemytis for 4 years.

Typical uses
Recommended veterinary uses for the Airplasma device Onemytis.

Find out why vets in Europe are switching to Onemytis® for soft tissue surgery.

The future of surgery

Excel Lasers is the sole UK distributor for this revolutionary electrosurgical instrument.

Onemytis® 2 was launched in 2018. Responding to feedback from veterinarians and from its UK partner, Excel Lasers, the new model:

  • Is more compact and more portable
  • Is faster and more effective
  • Has new accessories for laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery
  • Can be easily upgraded as new software and accessories become available. 


The handpiece, the connection cable and the electrodes are fully autoclavable. They can also be sterilized with cold paracetic acid. 


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