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Onemytis® – Video-Otoscopic Assisted Plasma Ablation of Ceruminous Cystomatosis of the Ear

 Ceruminous cystomatosis (CC), also known as ceruminous gland hyperplasia/adenoma or apocrine cystoadenomatosis, is a benign skin disorder of the feline ear, of uncertain origin. Macroscopically cystomatosis is characterised by multiple dark blue or brown nodules, usually less than 2 mm in diameter, located in the external ear canal and vertical canal. Affected cats usually presents signs of obstructive otitis externa, including pruritus, head shaking and othorrea. Diagnosis is based on histological examination of biopsied tissue sampled. Surgery is indicated to remove obstruction by debridement of the ceruminous hyperplasia or by lateral or total ear canal ablation in more severe cases. Carbon dioxide laser ablation of the occlusive nodules is reported to be an effective therapy.

An alternative treatment option can be the plasma scalpel, an electrosurgical device that uses pulsed radiofrequency to generate a plasma-mediated discharge along the exposed rim of an insulated blade. Airplasma® is a newly developed technology that makes it possible to generate plasma energy directly from the air, therefore, without using other inert gases (Argon or Helium). The generated plasma is visible in the form of a glow. According to the manufacturer, this device offers the following features: combined cutting, ablation, and coagulation function, reduces invasiveness due to the absence of return plates, necrotized area almost wholly absent or limited, operating temperature less than 50°C, no need for protection for the operator and patient, and no use of inert gases.

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